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Friday, March 5, 2010

Earthquake:How To Survive In Earthquake?

Make sure you prepare mentally so that you know what to do without panicking during the earthquake. Try to stay calm during the earthquake. Many times, injuries or death occur which could have been prevented due to panic. When the earthquake starts, begin to think about the steps you need to take, which are outlined in the following steps.

If you are inside when the earthquake starts, stand in doorway or crouch under a sturdy desk or table. Be sure to stay a safe distance from any windows, glass doors or large pieces of furniture containing doors or which are not secured to a wall. If you are outside during the earthquake, get away from buildings, trees, telephone poles and power lines. If you are driving, drive away from underpasses and overpasses. Stop in clear area and stay in the vehicle until the earthquake has stopped.

After the earthquake, check for injuries. Provide first aid as needed and seek medical attention if required.

If you are at home (or when you return home) check for gas, water and sewage leaks as well as downed power lines or electrical shorts. Turn off utilities as required by the situation.

Check for building damage and potential problems during aftershocks. If severe cracks or other structural weaknesses have occurred, these could give way during aftershocks. If the structure you are in is no longer safe, retreat to another location.

Remember to wear shoes after the earthquake. It will prevent injuries if things have fallen off of shelves or out of cupboards

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