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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bloom Box Wow Amazing!!

The New Revolution To Electrical World: The most recent 60 minutes Bloom Box episode was an absolute delight and intrigue to witness and watch as one of the smartest men in the United States of America unveiled his most prized and revered inventions to the general populace.

Lesley Stahl spearheaded the 60 minutes Bloom Box episode in which she enjoyed some up close and enlightening moments with Mr. K R Sridhar; the Chief Executive Officer at Bloom Technologies. Although the Bloom Box technology has already been brought in to practice and implementation by some prominent business commodities such as Google and the trading company we all know as eBay, it has yet to be made available to the general populace for utilization at either their dwellings or any other purpose where they may feel the need for an alternative source of energy production.

According to Mr. K R Sridhar, the small Bloom Box is enough to power a huge infrastructure such as a thirty thousand square ft. office compound. And if that is what you can do with just one of those things, imagine what you could if you linked or connected a dozen of the Bloom Boxes. Lesley Stahl was clearly amazed and impressed by the potential that Mr. K R Sridhar was marketing and claiming, but all that remains to be tested by the general populace to earn their belief and trust.

Make sure you check out the 60 minutes Bloom Box episode and decide for yourself if this is something you are willing to give a shot to.

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