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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rapidshare Happy Hour Alert Tool

Do you know about Rapidshare Happy Hour? To know about it, first you must know about Rapidshare.. Rapidshare is a filehosting where you can upload and download any type of file..People always use it to share a movie, songs, files and etc..However for non-account user, they could not freely download files from Rapidshare..For example, after downloading a file from Rapidshare, they need to wait some times before they can download another files..

Now Rapidshare has a certain features which called Rapidshare Happy Hour (RHH)..RHH enable you to download as many files as you want without require you to wait..But RHH is available in a certain time and period..So, to not missing this happy hour, now Mozilla Firefox had offered an addons which called HappyHour Checker.. With it, we will be alerted when RHH is available..So download HappyChecker now and enjoy..

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