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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How To Use Adclustr

Do you know what is adclustr? adClustr beta is a place where you can find new and innovative ways to blend those text-based ads provided by such services as Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher or Text-Link-Ads. Successful ad integration is the top priority here at adClustr. We will show you how to combat ad blindness and increase your CTR, all in legal fashion without the use of any nasty banned practices. It is allowed by Google Adsense TOS.. So how to use it? Here I'll explain how to use it for blogger beta and using Google Adsense code..
  1. Open this site a category ads you want.

  2. Then it will displays CSS code, HTML Code, Ad color scheme and Image Download..

  3. First, download the image provided by the Adclustr and upload it to any hosting server..I suggest Yahoo Geocities which is free and easy to use..When it is already being uploaded, get the url for the image..

  4. Copy the CSS code given by the Adclustr and replace the line in bracket with the image url..For example (YOUR-FOLDER/2007/11/tallpink.png) to ( replace the line in red and don't delete the bracket..

  5. When you already replace the image url, copy the CSS code with the new image url and paste in Edit HTML..Find
    and paste the CSS code just above it..(Make sure the box Expand Widget Templates is checked)

  6. Now, log in to your Google Adsense account..Select Adsense Setup and choose Adsense For Content..Then Choose Ad Format that is similar to your choice in Adclustr and choose the colour based on the colour provided in the the Adclustr category that you choose..Get the adsense code for it.

  7. Now copy the HTML code given by the Adclustr and replace the line start from -- until --> with your Google Adsense code..

Now copy the HTML code..Go to Add Page Element>Select HTML/JavaScript and paste the HTML with you Google Adsense code..The Save and preview it..See the results..

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