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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to use Text element in blogger in creative ways?

Are you using blogger (new version)? In this new version of blogger, it has provide Text element where you can find it under Template > Page Elements. This element accept modification of html code where by using html code you can use a creative ideas of yours, for example to make an introduction. So how to do it? I'll show you using a basic HTML software. It is Microsoft Office Frontpage.

  1. Open Microsoft Office Frontpage.

  2. Select "Split" view (Find it at the bottom of the page)

  3. Then create anything you want such as table, italic font, bold, colour and anything you want. It is so easy just like using Ms Word.

  4. After you have done with it, highlight all the things you have done with it. At the same time, in the code preview section it will automatically highlight the code.

  5. Copy the code. Go to Add page element in blogger. Select Text element and just paste the code you just copied from Frontpage inside the space provided. Click Save Changes and view it.
You can see the example at the top of my pages

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