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Friday, September 21, 2007

How to detect missing codec?

Have you ever face a problem that you cant play a movie whether using window media player,winamp, ximpeg or other player?Most probably your pc doesnt have a codec..Codec is a software that need to be installed into pc to play certain format of movies. So how to detect missing codec in your pc? This is the answer for that:

  1. First you need to have this software----> G-Spot (sounds like part of woman' body but trust me it is just a software)

  2. Then extract that file.

  3. After that, open the GSpot270a and double click on GSpot( icon with woman picture on it)

  4. When it is already open, click file on the menu bar and select the movie which cannot be played.

  5. Then you will see the codec that your pc doesnt have. When you already knew the codec name, search in internet and download it for free.For example XviD 1.13.

Ask me if you have question ( Type your question in dialog box at the left)..



XviD 1.13 Codec

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