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Sunday, September 30, 2007

How To Choose Streamyx Package

If you are considering to install Streamyx at your place, it is a great idea..But there are several things you need to consider before subscribing Streamyx..

  1. Figure out the time you will spend to use Internet. If you are not the "hardcore", it is advised to choose the Streamyx Package such as RM 44 for 60 hours. This package would allow you to track record how much time you have spend to use Internet and how much the balance you still need to use to make it 60 hours. So then it is worth to pay RM 44 per month.

  2. You must know that the first bill sent to you in the first month will include 2 months of the package price + RM 75 (activation) + RM 10 (Stamp Duty) + RM 88 (Contractor fee if required). Now if you activate it before 29,30 or 31st of the month, then you need to pay as said above. But if you activate your account on 29,30 or 31st the first bill will only charge (One month price package + One month price package / 30 days + RM 75 (activation) + RM 10 (Stamp Duty) + RM 88 (Contractor fee if required).

    The example as below:

    If you choose package RM 44 and you activate it before the three date, the first bill will be like this:

    RM 44 + RM 44 (2 months of package price) + RM 75 (activation) + RM 10 (Stamp Duty) + RM 88 (Contractor fee if required)= RM 261

    But if you activate it on the 29th, the charge is:

    RM 44 (One month package price) + RM 4.40 ( RM 44/30 X 3 days) + RM 75 (activation) + RM 10 (Stamp Duty) + RM 88 (Contractor fee if required)=RM 221.40

  3. So what can you do to ensure your account will be activated on that three dates? What you can do is to register that account at least 7 working days before 29 or 30 or 31st of the month. So your account will automatically be activated on that 3 date.

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