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Friday, March 5, 2010

How To Convert Audio CD to MP3?

How To Copy Music File From Audio Cd to PC with mp3 or wma format? Normally when we explore an audio cd, we find out that the file size in the cd is less than 100kb..If we copy it direct to our pc, for sure it wont work..So how u do this? Follow this instruction:

1) Open the file in the cd using Window Media Player

2) Find a menu either Rip CD or Copy Cd

3) When you already find that menu, click record/ copy the cd

4) When it completes, find where the file is saved. Usually it will be saved in My Music.

5) When u find it, copy it to your desired location in your PC.

Easy right?One more thing, when you use this method, the file will be converted to wma..To convert it to mp3 format so you can play it through handphone or whatever, google the software by searching convert wma to mp3..Then finish and enjoy..

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